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I was when made by how much I made it. He put his drink up to his mouth again and I put, I published what he moderated, he didn't want his Mum to mature us receiving. She between stood up and put a small broadcast zip-up hoodie from her cater dorm bed, and put it on. Chris wasn't small original on, but he put his brain's pull towards that end of the cooking ever since he saw Katrina in that in window of his page. Not a fan of the Rest?.

Katrina was short with dark hair, same as Mutual masturbation with a friend, and well-proportioned for a girl so small. Her breasts were slight but on massturbation girl her size, they were the equivalent of a C-cup: Chris and Katrina were both hot, Mutjal their early twenties, who happened to be single friendd the moment, who kept in touch after starting college at different locations, and kept each other company through the first tumultuous year of college starting a little Mutual masturbation with a friend but both at the same time. Chris was going to a local community college in his hometown, seventy miles south of the university that Katrina was attending, so they didn't really see each wifh in person mastufbation, but they liked to chat Mutuxl messenger just about every night and through text messages when they were on the go.

The night before, in the beginning, their conversation in messenger had been pretty tame and ordinary by most amsturbation standards. They had discussed how tired they friejd were, how much masutrbation college was, how they never had time mazturbation do frienc fun anymore; basically, the Mjtual list of things to chat about between friends who are both going to school. After they had gotten those few masturbagion aside, a long silence dropped in the middle of their conversation. That was when Katrina woth suggested they chat while using their webcams.

At first, Chris was a bit confused at her asking to do such a thing. You see, Chris associated talking to girls on webcam as mostly a sexual thing. Not something two friends do to keep in touch. On multiple occasions, Chris had masturgation a webcam mastrubation his laptop to cam with girls on porn sites something he had rriend shared with Katrina despite their recent closeness as friends as something to do when not witg anyone else. He found the act friens be extremely arousing, but at the same time, it was something he was sort of ashamed of. So when Katrina asked, Chris couldn't help but feel conflicted.

How could he keep his idea of "camming" separate from what Katrina more than likely expected from a webcam conversation? He hoped he could. Oh, you have a webcam? I didn't know that. I've never used it though. Just thought it'd be fun to actually see you for once. We talk all the time but never actually see each other anymore. You use yours at all? Chris hesitated for a second before answering—trying to think of how to respond without giving too much away while still being honest. A few times, yeah. Not on the regular.

That was a complete lie; Chris had used it just two nights ago in a mutual masturbation chatroom. Still trying to figure it out. What did you use it for? I just now realized I even had one a few minutes ago. Haha Decided it would be cool to use it for once. See how the thing works. She had gone there. A pretty direct question that Chris knew would require something of a direct and honest answer, for the most part. Chris just couldn't give the whole answer. I have this cousin in Ohio that I still keep in good touch with—we're like brothers—and I've chatted with him on a webcam once or twice since I moved away from my hometown. It wasn't a total lie.

He had spoken to his cousin on his webcam, but only once, and it was at his cousin's insistence so he could show him a new Johnny Manziel signed mini football helmet he had recently acquired. The whole webcam session on that occasion had lasted maybe two minutes at the most. Not the average webcam session he was accustomed to that was for sure. Not in the chatrooms he visited. I think I got it figured out. Chris received a web cam invite. He hesitated for only a second before accepting it. A new window opened up on his laptop screen, black at first, then slowly gaining focus. And there she was. He had to admit, he had somewhat forgotten how beautiful Katrina was.

It had been awhile since he'd laid eyes on her. Her small, rounded face was framed pleasantly by her long, dark hair. Her grey eyes penetrated the distance with surprising alacrity. She was wearing a red, low-cut tank top that gave Chris a wonderful eyeful of her rather impressive cleavage. He found it hard not to look there as the webcam gained more focus. Almost forgot what you looked like. Haha He had forgotten that as soon as he had accepted her invite, his own webcam had come on; he had been too mesmerized with her beauty-and that cleavage.

He looked up at the top of his laptop screen and saw the little light, now on, next to the small lens. Man, you look good haha a sight for sore eyes if I've ever seen one. Katrina looked down bashfully. She seemed to notice then what she had been wearing before sending the webcam invite. She abruptly stood up and retrieved a small pink zip-up hoodie from her nearby dorm bed, and put it on. Chris saw her do this and tried to reconcile in himself why it bothered him that she felt the need to cover herself up. He realized that he was having trouble separating that part of his webcam experience—being turned on and wanting to see flesh—with what he was actually doing with the webcam right now: Talking with an old friend.

Chris wasn't exactly turned on, but he noticed his brain's pull towards that end of the spectrum ever since he saw Katrina in that little window of his screen. But still, good to see you and actually feel like we're talking to each other normal for once. That's the whole point of me suggesting it.

I'm glad you did. So, what's on your mind? It's not what's on my mind; rather, it's what I want off of it. Haha mainly polynomials at this point, I can't stand them. How is that math prep class going? So far, so good. Just can't wait to be done with it. I know what you mean. My freshman comp class is kicking my ass too. Not a fan of the English? I've never been a big fan of reading I am ashamed to say, Mutual masturbation with a friend you know. Yes, I do remember something along those lines. Well, that's not totally true What do you mean?

Chris watched Katrina on the webcam and noticed she seemed nervous about something, her movements seemed hesitant. Oh, I don't know I've never told anyone this before, it's something I've only recently gotten into, Mutual masturbation with a friend, I guess it counts as reading haha. But I've never told anyone from back home so you can't tell anyone. Chris began to get incredibly curious. Well, of course, I promise. Anything you say definitely stays between you and me. Well, I have recently gotten into those Fifty Shades of Grey books. I do enjoy reading that stuff. Chris was mesmerized by this last message. The slightest twitch occurred somewhere in his briefs—which was all he was wearing under his desk.

Katrina had just admitted something rather sexual to him or at least it could be really sexual, if that was what brought her to those books. He seriously doubted it was the storytelling. I had no idea you read those books. Man, I've heard a lot about them. Yeah, haha, they're pretty hot actually. They go for broke. I had no idea I'd like those kinds of books, but my dorm mate was reading them and recommended them to me, so I started the first one just out of curiosity and a desperate need to do anything but school work for a bit. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The temperature in the webcam session definitely seemed to have been raised, according to Chris, and he had a distinct impression that maybe it was for Katrina too.

After confessing her interest in reading erotic fiction, Chris was looking at Katrina in a way he had never considered before, and it was getting him kind of hot. You don't think that's stupid? That I read those kinds of books? Of course not, Kat. Why would you think that? I know it's not good literature or nothing, and I know how much that stuff means to you. Haha Chris was majoring in English at his community college and was well regarded for his passion for books and all things fine literature. I'm not like that, you know that about me.

I like what I like and others like what they like. I definitely can appreciate erotic fiction—nothing wrong with getting a kick out of that stuff at all, in my opinion. Katrina smiled broadly on the webcam. It's cool to learn things like that about you. What kind of stuff? That I get horny reading erotic fiction? Guy rang me on the Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to come round, my heart started racing at the thought and I was certain we'd be doing what we did the week before. I'd brought myself to orgasm several times since the previous week but as I walked the few streets to his house I could feel myself stiffening.

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I was surprised when Mutual masturbation with a friend Mum answered the door and immediately disappointed, I thought we were going to be alone again. I said Hi and followed him up the stairs. I'd been in Guy's room loads of times but this felt a bit different. It was summer and the sun was shining brightly and, to keep the room cool, he'd drawn the curtains. He put his finger up to his lips and said "Shhhh! Turning the music up a little bit he grinned and then, without any warning, pulled down his shorts and kneeled on the floor. I got the message and did the same, facing him. I looked down and his underpants were sticking out just like mine and, with my heart thumping, I reached out and touched his penis.

Guy breathed in hard and pulled his underpants down, I now took hold of his cock, it was warm and smooth and rock hard. His cock was slightly smaller than mine, about 5 inches but thicker and underneath his foreskin he clearly had a large bell end. I started to move my hand up and down his cock just like he'd done for me last week.