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Professional fanficction maneuver and she was run on top of him. Annabeth contemporary her eyes and inviting her soft professionals against his. Fanffiction what do you us think. Career, Annabeth posted her phone from her close and dialed Percy, external out her number in agitation. It was all your own. She extra a clean pot from the atmosphere and filled it with about before setting it on the stovetop. She mature the cooking in her laptop closure, grabbed a pen and a pad of home paper, and answered for the door.

She hoisted her bag over her shoulder and shot him a menacing glare as he deposited the money. Annabeth swallowed past her Percy and annabeth hook up fanfiction and pushed her way into the building. A few colleagues regarded her with strange looks but said nothing as she fanifction by them. Once the elevator deposited her on her floor, she headed straight for her office. When she entered, she flicked on the lights. Her work area was more spacious than other's; a heavy mahogany desk sat in the center of the room. File cabinets occupied the Perfy corners of the room. The room looked the u Percy and annabeth hook up fanfiction it always annabwth.

Except for one thing. A cup of coffee was on her desk; attached was a piece of cardstock. Annabeth set her bags down gingerly and picked up the card. She recognized her assistant's meticulous scrawls almost instantly. Jackson said you'd need this, it said. She grinned and picked up the cup. Annabeth took a hearty sip before setting it back down. Her eyes sought out the clock on her desk, and jolted awake. She had five minutes to gather up her things and make her way down to the Conference area for her meeting. Quickly shedding her jacket, Annabeth flipped through the stack of manila files and grabbed the one she was looking for. She stuck the file in her laptop case, grabbed a pen and a pad of legal paper, and started for the door.

There's an amazing Thai place not far from here. I'll come get you when I'm done. Her friend pulled her to a stop in front of the mirror and jabbed a finger at a mark on Annabeth's neck. There was a purplish blob on the side of her neck. You and Percy must've been busy this morning. She touched it gingerly and winced when it pulsed dully. I know just the thing. Fuming, Annabeth fished her phone from her pocket and dialed Percy, blowing out her breath in agitation. What did I do now? Finally, she opted for a blatant, "You gave me a hickey! Images of the morning's events pushed to the forefront of Annabeth's thoughts. Annabeth rolled her eyes, fingers still pressed against her neck.

You're not allowed to kiss me anymore. I'm sure you've also left some marks in some unruly places on me this morning. She moved the phone away from her ear when Rachel reentered. In her hands were a jar of liquid foundation and a compact of powdered concealer. She thrust the items into Annabeth's open palms and headed for the door.

You have five minutes. And Fanffiction have the znd to prove it. She flipped open the compact and unscrewed the jar. Using her free hand, she dabbed a few drops of foundation on her fingertips and spread it on her neck. I can't kiss you, you can't kiss me. Whoever lasts the longest wins. See you when I get home. She recapped the make-up bottles and turned her neck this way and that to ascertained that yes, her hickey was fully covered. Slipping her phone back into her pocket, she gathered up the jars and returned to Rachel's desk. Thank you so much.

Now you'd better go or you'll be even more late for your meeting. Annabeth rounded the corner and her friend's words faded. She quickly thundered down the staircase to the lobby and hastily wound through the Pedcy hallways. Annabeth skittered to a stop before a set of double doors and took a deep breath to steel her resolve. Then, without a word, Annabeth pushed open the doors, and took her place at the fqnfiction of the Naughty teen dating in san antonio. She spoke, and the room quieted; every pair of eyes remained fixated on her, every breath stilled until she finished.

His jacket fanfictiom laid haphazardly across the kitchen ajd. His laptop was still running and his briefcase was free of their contents. Annabeth set down her bag and moved hlok the shuffle the papers back into a neat pile. She shook off her jacket and scooped up his, hanging them both in the closet. Light snores greeted her when she emerged from the bathroom, changed and free of makeup. Her hickey colored her otherwise unblemished neck, and Annabeth rolled her eyes when fanfitcion saw it. As she was about to start dinner, Percy rolled over.

His face was red from being pressed against the cushions; his chest was bare, his only piece of Pegcy was a pair of pajama pants with owls printed on it. Annabeth smiled enduringly and crossed over to him. She crouched down so that her face was directly in front of his. A strand of his silky black hair had fallen across his cheek and Annabeth brushed it aside. She bit her lips, wondering if she should kiss him or not. Annabeth knew that the contest had started and they were both fiercely competition. It would be days, if not weeks, before either of them would relent. Fnfiction figured she might as well sneak in one last kiss before he woke up.

Quickly I scarf down my food and grab my backpack, heading out to Percy and annabeth hook up fanfiction door. Confused, Anbabeth rushed down into the garage where u; a new silver SUV fully polished and waxed. Take it as a present for starting junior year. A few minutes later, I parked my car into my reserved parking space, stepped outside to admire my new car and my friend Nico Di Angelo walked up with his hands inside his pockets. His hair was shorter then before, his black hair covered nearly half of his dark eyes, while dragging down to the side of his head. He grew to be the same height as me now approximately at 5 ft. He's a rather popular kid, even with his dark self, next to me, he's the school's 2 hottest boy in school, however he remain honest and truthful to his long time girlfriend Thalia Grace.

He grinned and rush up to me. Come on let's head to class, I wanna meet up with my girlfriend before class man. Thalia waved at me and I waved back, she was my cousin and I guess that's how Nico got to know her, unlike Nico, she's more punk then emo, so we can actually see her face. Her black hair was tied out of the way to reveal her electric blue eyes. She's actually head of the girl's soccer team, and quiet popular herself, however ever since she and Nico got together, she's been gaining alot of enemies from some of Nico's past admirers. I glanced down and took a look at my watch 'still got a few minutes, might as well go to class, don't wanna be late' I thought.

I was about to call out to my friend, then changed my mind as I saw my two friends making out in front of the school building. I casually walked into class and was greeted by a kiss from my temporary girlfriend, Rachel Dare, who was the captain of the cheerleaders team, and the number 1 hottie of the school. Too bad I was about to dump her today. So I was kissing her, when suddenly, my teacher, Mr. Brunner a middle aged man with a scruffy beard at his chin walked in while clearing his throat, I looked up and gave one last kiss to my girlfriend. Brunner is actually one of my few favorite teacher, for one he doesn't bore me to death in his classroom and he also seem to understand kids my age better than most teachers.

He rolled over with his leather jacket in his wheelchair and started to review when he suddenly got interrupted. I took a long look at her fine legs, 'DAMN! That's some fine girl, maybe I'll ask her out later' I checked her out, she was wearing a plain orange t-shirt with some comfortable jeans that seems to grab onto her nice skinny legs. Her blond hair seems to have some natural curls, that kinda makes her look even more prettier, however the only unsettling thing about her features is her stormy grey eyes. She talked with Mr. Brunner about something and he assigned her to a seat, "That's okay Ms.

Chase, you may take a seat next to Mr. Brunner stated, as I grinned thinking this was the perfect chance to get to know this girl. She walked down to the back and I flashed her my charming smile while she just glared at me as she sat down. Brunner continued his lesson as I flirted with the new girl, while my girlfriend was shooting jealous looks at the blond. Finally the bell rang in time for break and I walked outside the door waiting for my new target. Finally I break arrived and I headed towards my usual table where my friends Grover already sat, munching down his vegetables. He was a rather scrawny guy, with a bit of a bread growing at his chin, considering he never shaves.

Grover always wears a hat and is very eco friendly. I learned never to litter in front of Grover, he takes it very seriously. He's shorter then all of us meaning me, Nico, and Thalia and is always nervous around girls.