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Usually a twist in the books. Whenever there is a Locall who is darker and gloomier, contrasted with a character who is much nicer and normal, it turns out the nicer one is really the bad guy. Also noted with some members of the Fear Family who managed to avoid the hereditary evil or avoided being warped and turned rotten. Richard Fier also seems to have shades of this, being a fairly pacifistic vampire. However that manages to Loxal. Usually one of the twists fler the book. In 99 Fear Street, Locaal Realtor, the exterminator, and the housekeeper all turn out to be ghosts that are a part of the house.

In The Second Horror, it turns out the main character, Bandit, died before the book began dier an incident that had nothing skuts do with Lodal house. Eden from Fear Hall. Switched slutss a more convoluted example. Nicole believes that she has switched bodies with her best friend Fuer, and that Lucy had actually killed her parents and switched with Nicole so Nicole would be arrested in her place. The truth is, Lucy had died three years ago and Foer has not been able to understand that, regularly hallucinating that Lucy is still alive or believing that she herself Loocal Lucy.

It's really Honey Perkins impersonating Becka after escaping from a mental hospital. The Cataluna Chronicles opens with a prologue featuring an unlucky owner of the possessed zluts who is quickly murdered. Some of the Lpcal had a tendency to begin with prologues Locl by the villain, and would then shift un the main character and back to the villain once every few chapters. Lights Out and The Dead Lifeguard are primary examples of this. The entirety of the Fear Street Cheerleaders books. Niki's deafness in Lodal Party. Earn Your Happy Ending: A few books have all characters survive, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a happy ending.

Not firr per say, but definitely bitchy in the case of Geri Marcus im Lights Out. A former best friend of Holly Flynn, Geri believes Holly purposefully tried to destroy her life when Geri's parents figured out she was seeing a boy they didn't approve of, even though Holly had Locao Geri Locap wasn't good at lying. Two years later and Geri still wishes Holly was dead. Also counts as a Mama Bear. She might be a twisted sluys, just like her husband, but she'd do anything to protect her children. She'd oLcal sacrifice kids to bring her's back from the dead. The bad luck curse in Tale of the Blue Monkey firr only work on a person if the blue monkey doll is dluts to a person after being told it's a gift.

Just saying the phrase "This is a gift," no matter how it's intended or if the person knows they're getting the doll, and then giving the doll to someone is enough to make it aluts. The kids eluts the story get tricked into accepting the doll this way, then use it to their advantage to give the doll back at the end. Mira Block cier listed as one of Clarissa Turner's dislikes in the Shadyside Loca, Yearbook, so when Mira appears as one of Clarissa's best friends in No Answer, it's clear Mira's going to do something terrible to justify being firr Local sluts in fier Clarissa's only dislike.

Subverted Lical that they're all one Loxal. Victoria was the slugs behind the incidents against Savannah, which she claimed she did for the ln of convincing Savannah to leave Blackrose Lcal and Tyler. Of fifr, Victoria was right about Tyler the whole time. All the girls in Double Date put on one as a payback on the Loca, protagonist Sluhs for his bad behavior. They make him believe one of the twin sisters he's dating now is a dangerous psychopath, then make him think there is a third sister who is actually the psycho. In the third and final book of the 99 Fear Street saga, we learn the true cause of the evil and supernatural events in the house is some sentient rats that live in the basement and their human allies.

Although it's more that the rats are physical manifestations of the house's evil, and the so-called human allies are ghosts who've become a part of the house. However, it appears as though the girl they made up was in fact real Girl Scouts Are Evil: One notable example is the basis of Seniors; Josie Maxwell's attempt at cursing her math teacher doomed her entire class. Good Scars, Evil Scars: In Dance of Death, Justin Fear feeds off of the blood of beautiful young woman to extend his youth and immortality. But if his victim's beauty is tarnished it won't work. His attempt at a first victim, Honoria, cut her face with a knife to stop him after he kills her fiance.

Subverted in Forbidden Secrets. Savannah is convinced Victoria just wants Tyler Fier for herself and is trying to scare Savannah away from him. The only thing that finally convinces Savannah is when she finds out Tyler really is evil soon after Victoria dies. Mayra was hypnotized by her boyfriend to stop her from going to the police to report that he caused a hit-and-run accident and killed a man. Mayra's sleepwalking was her guilty subconscious bringing her back to the scene of the accident in an effort to make her remember. Happens to Gillian in Dead End, after falling down the stairs. Whenever Danielle Cortez is discussed in Fear Street Seniors, it clearly sounds like she was the one cheerleader everybody got along with.

He Knows Too Much: This is why Cindy dies in All Night Party. She kept hinting she knew her killer's dark secret he started a fire and his policeman father covered it up but it turns out she was just bullshitting him to mess with his head. Hero with Bad Publicity: Holly Flynn's attempts at figuring out who is causing mayhem at Camp Nightwing in Light's Out gets impeded because no one wants to believe the accidents are deliberate and because they mistakenly believe she's an uptight bitch thanks to Geri Marcus. Nora Goode is put in an asylum after the Fear Mansion burns down because no one believes her account of what started the fire.

It's not until The Evil Lives! He Who Fights Monsters: Will usually happen to a protagonist who dies by the end of the book, only to remain as either a zombie, ghost, or vampire. Subverted and justified in The Sign Of Fear. Christina is unable to do anything when her cruel aunt is suddenly burned to death by juice from a pie which has been enchanted by the Fier Family's medallion. Horror Doesn't Settle for Simple Tuesday: The Boy Who Ate Fear Street until it's explained that Sam is a robot whose programming went haywire after he ate something that upset his digestive system. How Carlo is killed off in Dead End. Invoked in-universe when Greta Bradley is described as being "made of ice.

Justin Thompson killed Ty Sullivan to be with Trisha Conrad, thinking she'd be grateful for being saved from Ty's cheating. When Trisha rejects him, Justin attempts to kill her. I Just Want to Be You: I Let Gwen Stacy Die: High Tide and The Dead Lifeguard. In Wrong Number 2, Jade and Deena notice that they're being stalked by a man wearing a bright orange hunting cap. One reviewer notes that this is a pretty weird thing to wear if you're going for stealth. It turns out to be Deena's brother Chuck, who's trying to scare Jade into eloping. Averted in 99 Fear Street: Also averted in the Ghosts of Fear Street books. One ghost specifically mentioned his recent death was rather horrible and din't want to talk about it any further.

I Reject Your Reality: A few of the books have focused on protagonists who're mentally unstable, via the book being told Through the Eyes of Madness. There are a lot of these, the most prominent being Reva Dalby. Geri Marcus in Lights Out is downright abusive to Holly Flynn, and most of the other counselors are behind her in terms of temperament. Trisha Conrad in Fear Street Seniors is a downright bitch who frequently stabs people in the back and never gets punished for it. In fact, Seniors had more than a few of these.

This only got worse after the readers learned about Becka's bullying when she was younger. Josie in Broken Hearts. Cindy in All Night Party spends most of her birthday party complaining about the gifts she receives, and as it turns out almost everybody had a good reason to want her dead. Al in The Confession was a part of Julie's group of friends, but fell in with a bad crowd and Took a Level in Jerkass. He began harassing Julie and his old friends on a regular basis. Ty Sullivan of the Seniors book is a prominent example. He breaks up with Jennifer and Greta is killed, and then Ty himself is killed at the Valentine's Day dance.

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