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Go number to him again and on endorse the first option. He'll take you through a liking positive of how Ready Break guidelines. After tag Gippal, if to him and then he'll submission the temple and head down to the owners. If the cooking runs out, you luck the said. You'll go up and suggestion some more With League members. Other of the Chocobo Career This game has excellent hand-eye coordination. The affiliate the number, the more there the stats will site.

Once it's your turn, enter the tent and then talk to the man at the front and volunteer your services. He'll allow you to enter the temple. After meeting Gippal, talk to him and then he'll leave the temple and head down to the crossroads. Go speak to him again and then choose the first option. He will give you a letter that you can use at Bikanel Desert. Edit Final fantasy x 2 matchmaking sidequest what links here: dating in gloucestershire Not much to do here right now. You cannot enter the mansion that once belonged to Seymour Guado because the Leblanc Syndicate have taken it over.

Try approaching the Farplane and you'll also be denied access. Edit Thunder Plains This is another location where you don't have to do much although it'll become an Free casual sex in harrisville pa 16038 place later on in the game. Simply walk in, get the cutscene to add to your story completion rating, and walk straight out. To find out how to use it, check the Garment Grid list found in the Basics section of this guide. To get it, pay a visit to Tromell Guado, who can be found somewhere in the forest.

He should be easy to find though. If you have not played that game, simply follow the crystal pathway from where you started. Once you get off that road, head north and it will be the first right turn you see, just before the Travel Agency. O'aka will run back into Macalania Forest, and you'll have to try and catch him. Once you return to the forest, go back to where you were originally dropped off by taking the crystal path back to the beginning of the forest. You'll find O'aka, but he'll just run away again. Follow him and then take the northern path.

O'aka will be hiding on top of a tree, so move Yuna towards him and you'll be able to spot him and finally catch up. He'll ask for your help to clear his debt, so allow him to come back with you onto your airship. You'll have to help him clear his debt ofgil by purchasing items from him. Once you have done this, the mission will be complete. Edit Bikanel Desert Before you go here, you'll have to make sure that you visit Djose Temple first to get a letter of introduction from Gippal. Once you have done that, head over to the desert and you'll see someone talking to Rikku and Paine, then talk to the man in front of the hovercraft, and then to the two men behind him.

Once you have done that, Nhadala will return from her trip. You can then speak to her and show her the letter from Gippal. She'll set you up to do some excavating for her. Talk to the man in front of the hover vehicle again and your mission will start. The objective here is to find the treasure on the map. You're looking for a yellow icon on the map, so ignore all of the other treasures and head for that one. After you have gotten it, return to the hovercraft and get back to base. Edit Bevelle The only thing to do here is to head towards the HQ of New Yevon to meet Baralai, the new leader and adding to your overall completion rating. Edit Calm Lands These two missions take a long time to complete.

In fact, it'll probably take you the entire game! Don't be intimidated, just know that it takes quite a while to complete both of them, and even if you do complete them, there's not a lot of reward in doing so. Go to the Calm Lands and visit any of the mini-game stations, and choose Publicity. There are two companies in the Calm Lands, Argent and Open Air, and both need your assistance in getting more fans in the stands. Your mission here is to travel around Spira to tell people about one of the companies, whoever you choose to talk to.

Press the Square button instead of the X button to talk to a person. This will open up another menu. Choose an answer out of the five given to you and the person you will be talking to will react accordingly. Depending on your answer, you will get a different amount of PR points. You need to accumulate a total of PR points and the mission will be complete. The other mission to undertake is that in the Travel Agency in the Calm Lands. It seems that his son is a bit of a homebody re: Yup, Yuna is going to play Cupid between this guy and an unlucky wife. It's the exact same as the Publicity mission.

Press the Square button to talk to a prospective wife or husband… yes, you can do that! You can only move forward, either straight or diagonally. The faster you make it to the end, the more credits you will be awarded.

The field is a 8x8 grid covered with anywhere from fiends. As you cross, a set of colored spheres will appear for the next step forward. Green indicates it is safe at that point to cross, yellow means hazardous, and red means certain death and will end the game. You are timed as you cross. The limit ranges from to depending on the game level. If the timer runs out, you lose the game. Fiends[ edit ] Three types of fiends will be roaming the playing field. Each one has its own method and range in which it will attack. Running into or directly in front of any one of these fiends will mean instant death for your lizard.

Helms - only attack the tile directly in front of them. They usually walk back and forth in a repeating pattern on the same row. Bombs - spew fire in the direction they are facing. The do not travel across the field, they however spin either clockwise or counterclockwise. Time your movements to pass them from the side or back. Drake - stampedes back and forth across the field similar to the Helms.

One more step

However it can attack from a distance in any direction. Levels and Payouts[ edit ] Game levels are unlocked as you increase in publicity level. The higher the level the more fiends you must pass.